100 Days Project: Day 94


Day 94: Melancholy


ISO 2000 f/11 1/640sec

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100 Days Project: Day 93



We had a lovely weekend getaway and this photo summed it up for me.

ISO 100 f/8.0 1/100 sec

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100 Days Project: Day 92


Day 92: Going Places


Our busy city that never stops.

ISO 3200 f/8.0 3.2 sec (and no tripod as I forgot the attachment in the bustle of a busy day but rested my camera on the bridge rail)

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100 Days project: Day 91


Day 91: West Coast


A gorgeous day at Muriwai exploring the gannet colony and the caves. This was my favourite shot of the day but it was hard as there were some good ones.

ISO 250 f/4.0 1/160

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100 Days Project: Day 90


Day 90: Fresh Air


It was good to see the sun shining again. Fingers crossed it sticks around for the last of the holidays.

ISO 200 f/8 1/320

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100 Days Project: Q&A

Emma from 100 Days Project has asked me to answer a few questions for my Artist Card for the exhibition. Here are the Q&A’s…


  • Your name: Shannon Godfrey
  • Project Title: ExtraOrdinary 2014
  • Project Description: I am a photographer so it has to be all about the photos. My kids want to get involved my son loves Minecraft so he is thinking of ways to share his Minecraft creativeness and my daughter is very crafty. But my contribution will be photos of our days from the mundane to the beautiful. Basically a visual diary of my 100 Days. Every day x 100 with 3 kids this will be challenging!
  • What is it about the project that appealed to you? Motivation to take more photos and take photos that I aren’t being paid to take. Creativity and being a part of a creative group of people sharing their creativity.
  • What changes (if any) has the project helped bring about for you? I am taking my camera everywhere and I am actively searching out photo opportunities and I have even taught myself some new skills
  • Best thing/s about 100 Days: Some of the gorgeous photos I have taken as a result of doing the 100 Days Project. Also the visual record of 100 Days in my life – for my family to look back on in years to come. Finally – getting out and doing some of the photo ideas I have had rattling around in my head but until 100 Days had lacked the motivation to organise and take.
  • Worst thing/s about 100 Days: Sometimes life just gets in the way and I don’t get to take a photo or upload a photo and once there are a few to do it becomes a little less enjoyable. Photographers Block. Putting up some images that I am not so pleased with.
  • Can you share a moment of insight (about the creative process, or something personal about your experience of the project)? Letting go of perfectionism and just doing it.
  • What was a favourite day or moment? Day 1 – I love the photo and I was super excited to get going. I’m also looking forward to Day 100 (although I think it will be bitter sweet) and seeing the results of my 100 days completed. Also getting the chance to exhibit with other 100 Day-ers.
  • How many times did you consider giving up? 0 times.
  • If you could pass on one piece of advice to someone considering doing this project it would be: Don’t get caught up on being perfect just do it. I wondered if it would have been more cohesive if I had specified what I would photograph for 100 Days, however, it is a lovely record for me of 100 Days in my life.
  • Days completed out of 100: 100 (so far 89)

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100 Days Project: Day 89


Day 89: Circus


Today we visited the circus. In the words of my 5 year old “That was Awesome!”

ISO 160 f/11 1/320

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100 Days Project: Day 88


Day 88: Static


Hazel creating some static electricity courtesy of the kiddies slide.

ISO 100 f/5.0 1/125

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100 Days Project: Day 87


Day 87: Squatter


We caught this fella trying to move in. Please note he is the same size as the hinge on the door. I nearly wet my pants when I came flying down the stairs to find him sitting there quite happily freaking me out. So what else do you do when confronted by a surprisingly large spider – photograph it for 100 Days!

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100 Days Project: Day 86


Day 86: Winter Again


We were rather excited last week by the sunshine and sunburn. But in typical New Zealand fashion we are plunged back into winter for the weekend.

ISO 400 f/8.0 1/13 sec

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