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100 Days Project: Day 48


Day 48: Another Self Portrait


Self Portrait 3

I have added my littlest one in to this self portrait. It’s easier to take photos of my kids than it is of myself. Plus her little kisses are so sweet that it will be lovely to remember when she has grown.

ISO 400 f/6.3 1/160 sec

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100 Days Project: Day 32


Day 32: Supermoon


The Super Moon was hiding behind some clouds but my littlest assistant photographer and I had some fun with long exposures. Poor photographers children out late on a school night while I catch the perfect moment but I wasnt keen to hang out at the beach in the dark by myself and needed Matt and sidekicks to be my bodyguards! Thankfully by the time we had fun with our long exposures the clouds cleared and we got some good moon shots as well.

ISO 800 f/9.0 30.0sec

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100 Days Project: Day 19


Day 19: Self Portrait #1

Self Portrait

This was by far the hardest challenge I set myself so far. Half the reason I am the photographer is so I don’t have to be in the photos. Then there was the challenge of actually taking the photo of myself – focus, exposure etc. Suffice to say there were a lot of images to get this one. It was hard to get a composition I liked as I found once you start taking photos of yourself everything starts to look really forced or maybe I am just over thinking the whole process. I think this might be something for me to keep working on.

ISO 100 f/4.0 1/25 sec

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